Autumn is right around the corner, so it is important to protect your home from wild animals. Many critters are looking for a place to hide out for the Winter. This article will provide tips to prepare your home for the season while limiting your chances of having wild animals move in.

Cleaning Up Fallen Leaves This Autumn

Fallen leaves can provide plenty of cover for small animals. Many rodents, such as squirrels, mice, and chipmunks hide among leaves. This lets them avoid humans and potential predators. Additionally, leaf piles can serve as hideouts for even bigger animals. Snakes, opossums, and other critters may use leaf piles to hide out. Some may even choose to den in them. Generally, cleaning up fallen leaves is a good first step to reducing animal activity in your yard. But be sure to pack them up too.

Autumn Gutter Clearing

Leaves and debris can build up and clog your gutters. This debris can weigh heavily on your house and eventually cause damage. Wild animals can exploit the damage to break into the attic. Thankfully, cleaning out your gutters during Autumn will also be beneficial during the Winter. Clean gutters allow for better drainage from snow.

Chimney Caps

Chimneys can make excellent dens for pest animals. Many chimneys go unused throughout the year. More often than not, they are treated as decorative. Unfortunately, Autumn and Winter are also when you need a clear chimney the most. If you do not have a chimney cap, now is a good time to get one. Be sure to check your chimney for denning animals before you cap it. If you do happen to use your chimney, a cap is also vital for preventing animals from entering the home through the chimney.

Replacing Air Filters In Autumn

Air filters in your home should be changed every 3 months, or possibly sooner. Generally, if you smoke indoors or have pets, you should replace them every 2 months. Replacing your air filters can help keep the air quality in your home cleaner, and can make your HVAC system run more efficiently. Replacing them at the change of season is a good way to remind yourself every 3 months.

Check Ventilation Fans Before the Winter

Ventilation fans should be inspected before the Summer and the Winter months. This helps ensure a steady flow of air into your central systems (Heating and A/C). Sometimes, wild animals can enter the vents through these openings. Then, they can use your HVAC system as a den. Animals may even use debris to block the fan. This can cause damage to your central air system. Be sure to inspect them for signs of animal activity.

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