Foxes can be a pain to homeowners, but they aren’t usually a threat to humans unless they are rabid. However, foxes can pose a real threat to your pets. This article will provide tips for protecting your pets from getting attacked by foxes.

Proper Supervision When Outside

Pets should not be left outside unsupervised. Cats should not be allowed to freely roam outside. Additionally, pets should remain on a leash or tied to a post when they are outside. This allows you to prevent them from rushing at or charging a wild animal. Leashes also give you a way to pull them away from a wild animal if needed.

Up To Date Boosters

Your pets should be up to date on their boosters, to protect them in the event of wild animal exposure. Many wild animals can carry a host of diseases, so protecting your pet by boosting their immune system is a smart choice. Foxes, in particular, can carry rabies and a wide assortment of other diseases. Speak with your vet about your pets’ booster schedule.

Predator-Proof Fencing

The right fence for your yard can keep foxes out, and prevent your pet from digging under it. A 6 foot high, tight fence with a bottom extending at least 2 feet into the ground can help reduce animal intrusion.

If You See A Fox

When a fox is nearby, get your pet indoors, but do not turn your back to the fox. If your pet is small, consider picking it up, to prevent them from attacking each other. Hold the leash tight. If you cannot get your pet inside safely, act aggressively by shouting and waving your arms. You want to reinforce the idea that you are a threat to the fox, without provoking or cornering it. If foxes are a common threat in your area, consider keeping an air horn handy when sitting outside.

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