By now, we’ve written a few hundred articles telling you why it’s bad to let pest animals like raccoons, rats, and the like live in your home. And, we have certainly covered how to keep pest animals out of your garden, shed, or backyard. But we haven’t really gone through the reasons why. This article will cover why it’s important to keep wild animals from living on your property, and why you should hire a professional to remove them.

Health and Safety Risks

Most wild animals are host to a variety of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can pose real and present health risks to you and your family. The closer the animals are to your living space, the more likely you or your family are to come in contact with one of these health risks. Rabies, for example, is a major concern when dealing with most wild mammal species. Additionally, animals squatting on your property can lead to a buildup of animal waste. This waste product can also further spread disease, but can also lead to foul smells in your outdoor space. Bats, who especially like to take shelter in sheds, have waste that can cause Histoplasmosis, a dangerous lung disease.

Territorial Animals

Many animals that will set up their home in your yard can become territorial. This can be especially true during the mating season, or while the animals are raising their young. Territorial animals are more likely to attack if they feel threatened. A perceived threat could be anything from you using your outdoor space, to taking out the trash. Your cat or dog can be a perceived threat and can result in the animals hurting each other. Because of this, it is important to never leave a pet unattended outside.

Property Damage

Pest animals can cause all sorts of havoc on your property. In addition to messing up your garden or trash cans, they can create structural damage. Some animals, such as foxes, moles, and rabbits can burrow under the foundation of your home or shed. This can lead to sinking, or even collapse if left unchecked. Many animals will take refuge under your deck or patio. This can lead to structural damage to the deck or its supports.

Professional Removal from Humane Specialists

Proper and professional removal of wild animals from your property is essential to restoring your outdoor space and eliminating additional health risks. A professional and humane removal company will remove the animal(s) from your property, clean up any waste product or nesting materials, and repair damages to the property caused by the pests. It is important to hire a humane removal company, as the ones that trap and kill the pests often do not provide the additional restoration services that are vital to the wellbeing of your family and your home.

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