In the winter months, one of the warmest places a wild animal can be is in your home. Because of this, many pest animals will seek shelter by invading your home. When this happens, the animals will often breach hard-to-reach and hidden away places. None are warmer and more hidden from view than your ventilation system. It is not uncommon for pest animals like squirrels, raccoons, and more to hole up in the air vents during the winter months.

Why Do They Hide in The Air Vents

Your home’s HVAC ducts blow hot air throughout your home to keep it warm. For animals looking for shelter, a well-heated tunnel hidden from view is prime real estate. A pest animal can keep warm, dry, and out of sight.

How Animals in the Ducts can be an Issue

Animals that live in your ducts can cause a number of issues for you and your family. First, the unwanted animals can cause damage to your ducts, as well as the fans and unit outside of your home. Next, animals living in the vents can cause added buildup to your filters. This leads to energy loss, inefficiency, and even system damage. Third, The animal and its waste product can lead to horrible smells throughout the home. Lastly, the animal and its waste can spread parasites and diseases throughout the air ducts. This means that any airborne diseases or any waste particulate small enough to go through the filter can be affecting you and your family.

Professional Removal of Animals from Ductwork

A professional wildlife removal specialist can remove the animal(s) from your ducts, as well as repair any damages that may have been caused by them. Additionally, these services include the cleanup of harmful waste materials that may be inside of your HVAC system because of the invading animal.

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