After enjoying the sunny and 70 degree weather in the past few weeks, the recent cold snap and snowfall is a real disappointment. But, this batch of snowfall can help you discover if there may be a pest problem in or around your home. While we knew the snow was coming and prepared to bundle up, much of the wildlife in the New York/New Jersey area took the warm weather as a sign of Spring, and began to become more active. Now they are a bit more active than usual for this snowy weather. But how can this help you?
The snow on your lawn usually stays untouched after the shovelling is all said and done. The surface of these snow piles harden. But if a person, or animal, walks on the surface, it will depress and leave footprints. These footprints can be a good visual aid in determining if there are wild animals living on your property. Tracks may even tell you where an animal’s den, nest, or burrow may be hidden.

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