If you own a restaurant, you know that a pest problem can be a serious offense. In order to protect your restaurant and your customers, any risk of rodent infestation should be taken seriously. This article will discuss the signs of rats and other rodents in your restaurant.

Rodents in the Pantry

One of the most common first signs of an infestation is one where it’s already too late. If your boxes or foodstuffs are gnawed on, you are already dealing with a rodent problem. This means that they are already in the building. This sign is hard to miss and is often visible by the majority of the kitchen staff. Because of this, it is the sign that is most likely to be found. Depending on the size of the infestation, the rodents may eat through a decent chunk of your inventory. While this is commonly found within pantries or dry-food storage, rodents that manage to breach your walk-ins can do a lot more damage.


Rodent droppings are small, and can even be mistaken for dirt or a dead bug to the untrained eye. Mice, rat, and squirrel droppings are smaller in length than a dime. If you see small black or brown crumbs near the pantry, along the walls, or in corners, you may have an infestation.

Rodent Oils

Most mammals naturally secrete oils from their skin, including rodents. As rodents squeeze through tight spaces, or crawl against the walls, these oils can create stains. Brown stains that streak across the bottom of the walls, or around the edges of wall damage can be telltale signs of rodent activity. Rodent oil can stain wood and carpet flooring as well.

Tracks from Rodents

While you may not be able to spot individual rodent footprints, small lines and tracks in the dirt and dust on the floor can be an indicator of rodent activity. These tracks can even lead you to other affected areas.

Finding Breach Points

Rats, mice, and squirrels can squeeze themselves through tight spaces. They can expertly sneak through tight spaces to get to the food. Mice and rats need only a small crack to begin gnawing their way into your restaurant. While these animals only need a hole the diameter of a dime to break into your restaurant, they will often make breach points bigger for ease of use. This makes them more easily noticeable.

Sighting Rodents

If you or your employees see rodents, or signs of them, within your restaurant, you need to take action. A quality inspection from a professional wildlife removal service is essential to dealing with the problem. A licensed, professional wildlife removal specialist can not only find all of the rodents plaguing your business, but can clean and repair any damage they may have caused. Be sure to contact a licensed professional to handle the job. NY/NJ Wildlife Removal Inc. uses discreet, unmarked vehicles for our inspections, captures, and clean-ups to limit public knowledge of your pest problem.

We specialize in the humane removal of raccoons, rats, squirrels, and other pests in the New York/New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 718-227-7227 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.