Raccoons may look like little bandits, but how do you know if they broke into your home? Raccoons are excellent climbers, have strong hind legs, and opposable thumbs; each make it very easy for the little garbage thieves to get into your trash – or your attic. Raccoons commonly break into homes and live in the walls or attic. You may not even know if you have these pests living with you until they cause damage or make noise.

Female raccoons who are about to give birth often take shelter in their homes. While adult raccoons make little noise vocally, the litter will usually make distinctive chatter. Scratching noises may be heard as they move around or rummage through your things. Since raccoons are nocturnal, most of the noise will be heard at night. These animals make much more of a racket

Raccoons will leave droppings in your attic. They are easily distinguishable from other pests, because of their size. Raccoon droppings have a wide variety of diseases, viruses and bacteria. Do not handle it yourself.

Raccoons can easily rip their way into your home. They can bite and tear holes in your roof, vents, or soffits with relative ease. Raccoons have also been known to open doors or climb through windows. If they want to get into your home, they will find a way. If they move into your living space, they will rip through walls in order to get out.

Tracks in your attic can be a big sign of an invasion. Often you can spot tracks in the dust of the attic. Raccoons have five claws on each paw, and those claws will also damage the floor and leave small indents. This makes it easy to identify the marks as raccoon tracks.

On the inside, raccoons have been known to rip into walls, tear open bags, destroy insulation, break ductwork, and bite wiring. This can cause fire hazards, drafts, and thousands of dollars in repair work. It is best to get them out immediately.

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