As Summer draws near, many homeowners look to get their backyards in order for outdoor fun. From Summer barbeques to a place for the kids to run and play, it is essential that your backyard is safe from animal intruders. Below, we will discuss some ways to deter wild animals from enjoying your backyard as much as you this Summer.

Trim Back Plantlife

Bushes, tall grass, and other overgrowths can provide hiding places and nesting grounds for wild critters. Be sure to cut back tall grasses, and trim up bushes and shrubs. Wild animals look for places they can hide and avoid humans. Overgrown plants provide good hiding places. Reducing these potential covers can reduce the number of animal encounters you have in your backyard.

Avoid Leaving Food Out in the Backyard

Raccoons, opossums, and other wild animals can be very opportunistic. They will also remember where they had easy access to food. You can limit food availability in a number of ways. First, do not leave food unattended outside. Next, clean up thoroughly after having meals or snacks outdoors. Additionally, secure all garbage in animal-proof garbage bins. Lastly, do not keep pet food outside, unless your pet is out with you, is eating, and is supervised. If need be, spray down the patio with a hose after your guests leave. This will help wash away dropped food, spilled drinks, etc. which might attract critters.

Reinforce Backyard Structures

Wild animals can often take shelter in man-made structures, such as sheds, under patios and decks, and in treehouses. Be sure that each of these structures is properly closed after each use. Consider installing a wire mesh fence under your patio or deck. Treehouses should have window panes installed to prevent wild animals from entering. This can be especially important in keeping animals that may attempt to nest in an unoccupied treehouse out. Periodically, inspect outdoor structures for damage that may be caused by or lead to animal infestation.

Secure Your Koi Pond

If you have a backyard pond with koi or other fish, it is important to protect them too. Raccoons are well known for using these small decorative ponds as hunting grounds. Generally, a well-secured mesh cover can be helpful in deterring them. These covers can also prevent leaves and other debris from entering the pond.

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