Living in New York and New Jersey, you may see a large number of pigeons everywhere, especially in the commercial areas. Pigeons are the number one bird pest in the country. These dirty birds can be a major problem for both residential and commercial buildings. Pigeons can be extremely harmful to the building, as well as the area around it. These birds are non-migratory, leading to year-round damage.
The first problem with pigeons is that they can carry over sixty diseases, which could be spread through feces, fungal spores, et cetera. Contamination from these birds can cause disease into the human food chain, and you and your family can become sick. If your restaurant gets contaminated by the birds, customers can get the diseases. The USDA and OSHA can give citations and fines for bird mess, and can even shut your business down.
The fecal matter of a pigeon is highly corrosive, after rain, the only thing that remains of the feces is ammonia and salt. This creates a very powerful acid that can damage paint, concrete, and metal; as well as speed up the rusting process. This can lead to structural failure. In 2007, a bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the Mississippi collapsed due to rusted beams. After investigation, it was discovered that pigeon droppings caused the increased rusting and damage. These birds have been known to entangle themselves in machinery, block ventilation ducts, bring down power lines, peck holes in roofing, and damaged utility poles. Damage to the drains and gutters on a home is common when there is a large number of them. Their feces is also very slippery and is known to cause falls.
Once these birds stay in a particular place for a certain amount of time, they develop a homing instinct to a certain area. Pigeons mate 3-4 times a year, so a minor problem of a few birds can escalate quickly. Offspring tend to stay close to their birthplace and may nest close to the parents. They will come back over and over again if not properly dealt with.
It’s clear that Pigeon’s problems are inconvenient at best, and deadly at worst. We have the technology, experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and products that can eliminate any bird nuisance problem you may have. We can design a program to fit every budget range. At NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, we pride ourselves on addressing all of these issues using safe, humane, non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions. We are a full-service provider that has access to all the latest technology. We have knowledgeable technicians who can design a comprehensive bird control program based on the specific criteria of each project. Keep in mind, when implementing a bird control program, the most important factors are a thorough assessment of the problem and the environment, appropriate selection of the most efficient products designed on a case by case basis, the proper installation of all equipment, and the exclusion of the building so the birds cannot return.

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