Did you know that pigeons are the pestiest bird in the United States? They will get themselves situated, and then damage your property. Pigeons tend to prefer higher places that protect them from predators, while offering food and safety. They will scavenge outdoor restaurants for food, and look for nests near heating units to keep themselves warm.


Pigeon nests are mostly composed of twigs and are usually covered in droppings. These nests can be found in farm lands, parks, and city buildings. They tend to migrate toward city window ledges and windows. They tend to reuse the same spots and spaces to build nests, which makes it more difficult for them to leave.


They can get into your home through any kind of elevated space, such as an attic or covered/tarped rooftop. They can also gain entrance through broken windows, any opened gaps, or loose vents.


 Make sure to never feed the pigeons or leave out bird feeders, as they have an excellent memory when it comes to their sources of food. You can tuck netting under places where the pigeons nest, such as under an air conditioning vent or awning. This will keep them from staying there. Also, be sure to cover chimneys and seal off your attic.

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