One of the biggest reasons that people choose a humane wildlife removal service is that we care about the environment. Take the opossum for example. To many, America’s only marsupial is just a trash-digger. But we understand the value of this creature. While no one wants one rooting around in their garbage, opossums can be a benefit to the environment as a whole. This article will explore what this strange critter does for us, and why it should be removed from homes; rather than exterminated.

Do Opossums go through Garbage?

Opossums will almost never actually go into or knock over your trash cans. They can forage for plenty of food without needing your trash. However, if other animals, like a raccoon or skunk knock over your garbage cans, they may go through what has spilled out. If anything, they clean up after more messy animals.

Opossums and Ticks

Opossums are often thought to be disease-ridden, but this is actually far from true. In fact, they hunt and eat many problem animals like ticks. They are very adept at catching these bugs and will even clean them off of themselves and other animals. Ticks carry and spread lyme disease, but opossums cannot contract it.

Opossums and Gardens

Opossums are not usually a threat to a garden. While they are omnivores, they tend to only eat rotting plant life. They will generally leave healthy plants alone. They will, however, munch on mice, slugs, beetles, snakes, crickets, and other animals that can pose a threat to your garden.

Exclusion and Relocation

While opossums can be a help to the environment, the damage they can do to your home and property can still be detrimental. Exclusion and relocation can protect your home from damage, while allowing for opossums to continue living and cleaning up problem pests elsewhere. Humane removal and exclusion is the best way to deal with these and other pest wildlife. Hire a professional, humane, wildlife removal company.

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