Squirrels are small little critters, how much damage can they really do to a roof? After all, if fully grown adults can stand on a roof to do repairs, how bad could one small rodent be? Unfortunately, squirrels have one thing a roofer doesn’t. Rodent teeth.

Squirrel Teeth and Roof Damage

Like other rodents, the teeth of squirrels constantly grow. Because of this, squirrels constantly gnaw their way through all sorts of material to trim them down. This can include wood, stone, brick, roof shingles, and even metal. Because of this, it is common for squirrels to gnaw their way into a home from the roof or attic. If they see a crack or other opening in the roof of your home, they may gnaw until the hole is big enough to fit through.

Expert Climbers

Squirrels can climb up almost any vertical surface in a suburban environment, from metal poles to vinyl siding. Squirrels can even jump from high trees to reach the roof of your home. While you may not be able to stop every squirrel from climbing up the side of your home, there are ways to limit their reach. Consider trimming tree branches that may aid a squirrel in reaching your roof.

Squirrel Infiltration

Squirrels have lost a lot of their natural habitat through human development. Because of this, squirrels may seek out alternative shelters, such as your home. Squirrels can squeeze through small cracks to gain entry but may gnaw the hole to make it easier to come in and out of.

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