Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are one of the United States’ largest rodents, in fact they can weigh up to 17 pounds. These rodents can cause all kinds of problems for your property, and even your home.
Groundhogs only exist in the northeast region of the United States, in areas with many trees and forests, such as New York and New Jersey. With winter approaching the groundhogs are going to begin looking for places to hibernate. When a groundhog builds a den they can borrow up to 6 feet into the ground. They normally look for a warm place such as next to a house.
Some signs that this giant rodent may be sneaking around your property are the following; large mounds of dirt leading to a burrow, hollowed out crops and plants, and weakened building foundations. Groundhogs have very large incisor teeth which is what classifies them as rodents. These teeth are perfect for chewing or gnawing on wood and wires that may support your home or supply you with power to your home. These rodents also may ruin your garden by digging around in it, or helping itself to your plants. If you notice 1/4th-3/4th inch tooth marks on your property you may be dealing with groundhogs.
Groundhogs will hibernate from November-February, and then come out to mate in the spring. If you don’t catch these rodents before they mate you may be dealing with a whole family of rodents within just a few months.
If you see any signs of groundhogs around your home you may want to look into getting them professionally removed by us, NY NJ Wildlife Removal, for a safe and humane catch and release back into the wild.

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