As almost any Staten Islander can tell you, feral turkeys are a real problem here. The feral turkey population has become a growing issue over the years, as hordes or these large birds roam the streets. They are known for causing traffic issues and being aggressive toward pedestrians. Below, we will discuss ways you can deter and limit any unsafe interactions with them

Why are Feral Turkeys Near My House?

Generally, turkeys are looking for 3 things, food, water, and shelter. If there are turkeys near your home, they can probably find at least one of these nearby. They will hunt for seeds, bugs, berries, and nuts. Berry bushes and oak trees are often a big attraction to turkeys. Creeks, ponds, and streams can offer turkeys a freshwater source. But they may also drink from bird baths and fountains if need be. Because of the large expanses of wooded areas in Staten Island, they have plenty of places to roost. Overall, turkeys prefer tall, hardwood trees to provide nighttime coverage.

Feral Turkeys in the Streets

Often, it is most easy to spot turkeys as they stand in the middle of streets. Generally, this is while others of its group are in the nearby grass. One or two turkeys bay break off to watch for potential predators, standing separate from the group. This can often include the middle of the street, unfortunately. However, cars are more likely to be in the street than foxes or coyotes. This can lead to traffic jams as people try to avoid the large birds and their aggressive attitudes.
Moving turkeys from the street can also pose potential issues, as they can attack individuals or cars. Do not attempt to shoo a turkey out of the road yourself. Rather, try to safely move around them. They may peck at the car, but that is better than being pecked at yourself.

Turkey Relocation

Many of Staten Island’s turkeys are being captured and relocated to sanctuaries in upstate New York. While these efforts have been successful, there are still a lot of turkeys wandering around the island, causing havoc.

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