If you own or rent a commercial property for your business, it is important to prevent animal intrusion. Wild animals can wreak havoc on your business, and can even cause you to shut down until the problem is resolved. For restaurants, keeping critters out is vital for a good health inspection score, and for preventing a bad reputation. This article will discuss tips for reducing the risk of wildlife invasion.

Securing Your Trash

Keep all trash in animal-proof, secure dumpsters with lids. The lids should be closed at all times. If possible, keep the dumpster at least 6 feet from the building. This may help limit hiding spots for animals and can limit their ability to climb the building.

Keep Doors Closed When Not in Use

Doors should never be propped or left open when not in use. Animals may slip in unnoticed through open doors. They may go in to investigate food smells, general curiosity, or the promise of more comfortable temperatures inside. If you open any windows, be sure that they have a secure and undamaged screen to prevent critters from entering.

Securing Commercial Ventilation Systems

From your HVAC system to your commercial kitchen exhaust, it is important to cap off these vents. Unprotected ventilation systems can become easy access points for wild animals. If your property has a fireplace, be sure to install a chimney cap too.

Landscaping Your Commercial Property

If your commercial property has plant life, it is important to keep it well manicured. A trim lawn is not only presentable for clients/customers, but it can limit hiding places for critters. Be sure to have branches and tree limbs cut if they hang too close to your building. Otherwise, animals may use them to reach the roof or HVAC ducts.

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