The end of fall can be a hassle; from raking leaves to preparing for the snowfall, it can be easy to forget about the wild animals. Your backyard can be a key location for animals like raccoons and opossums looking for a place to outlast the winter. Places like your shed, bags of leaves, and piles of debris can become shelters for unwanted critters, so be sure to clean up your yard.
How can wild animals take advantage of your backyard? Sheds are often a go to shelter for wild animals. While raccoons and other animals might try to break in, some may try to burrow underneath it. Foxes, snakes, skunks, and moles commonly make underground dens; and by going under the foundation they can damage the structural integrity of the shed.
Bags of leaves, piles of branches, or firewood piles can be invaded for shelter by wild animals. If they are close to your home, animals can use the cover of this shelter to slowly break into your home.

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