The recent Hurricane Ida has caused a lot of damage in the tri-state area, as major flooding occurred. When a major storm washes over homes and floods streets, it can cause lasting damage. Such storms can also destroy the homes of critters, who may turn to damaged basements and sheds for newfound shelters. This article will cover how to prevent potential animal issues down the line after a massive storm.

Basement Damage

Many basements have taken on water damage from the floodwaters. Some even took on a few feet of runoff. Damage to the foundation or windows of basements can often be overlooked when trying to clear out all of the water-damaged items. But opportunistic animals can sneak into your home this way. Be sure to repair any areas where water was able to enter your home.

Yard Damage

Your yard may have taken extensive damage during the storm. High winds and floodwaters could have damaged your fence, your shed, your shrubbery, and more. Debris from nearby trees can provide potential hiding places for animals. Damaged sheds can be easier for animal invaders to breach. Inspect your yard and any structures there for damage and debris that could be used by critters.

Gutter Damage

Excessive flooding can weigh down gutters and cause further damage to the home. Make sure that you clear gutters of leaves and debris regularly, and consider installing a gutter screen. After a major storm, inspect your gutters for damage, including the eaves of the home, where the gutter connects. Ensuring that these areas are intact can prevent future water leaks in the roof, and can limit your risk of animal intrusion into your attic.

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