As fall sets in the days get colder, animals seek shelter from the harsh weather. Urban and suburban wildlife usually tuck in for the winter soon. Snakes, being cold-blooded are among the multitude of species that work to find refuge from the dropping temperature. What better shelter is there than a home? The heated house near it could make a great shelter for the snake.

Many snakes can enter a home through small holes in the siding. Some snakes are adept at climbing, and can use overhanging branches to enter through the eaves of the house or through a crack in the roof. Snakes generally range from less than a foot, to a few yards in length. Snakes usually have distinct patterns so identification is not a challenge if you actually see it. most snakes in America are non-venomous, but until the snake is identified, it should be treated as if it were poisonous. Signs of snakes in your home include thumping or scratching noises, finding shed skins, finding egg shells (usually in spring), hissing sounds, or droppings.

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