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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Preparing for Spring Squirrels

After a long winter those pesky squirrels are ready to come out from hiding and go back to their scavenging. All through the Fall months they spent time gathering and storing away food to come back to in the spring and now they have to go find it. They usually hide their food in tree trunks, buried in gardens or forests, or sometimes even under your backyard structures or in the attic of your home. And you need to be aware of the signs that you may be a victim.

Signs of Squirrels on your Property

Some signs that your property may have a spring squirrel issue are small shallow holes where food may be buried, biting or gnawing on your wooden structures, small footprints in the soil or melting snow, or the sound of scurrying in your attic. Squirrels can also cause all sorts of damage to your property and the bills can pile up fast.

Damage caused by Squirrels

The first thing a squirrel will do once it gets into your home or garage is search for bedding materials. They start with shredding wood framing, and gathering soft materials such as insulation. Also since they are heavy chewers they will also chew on any loose wires and PVC pipe they come across which can lead to costly electrical or plumbing damage. They also can cause inconvenient outdoor damage. Your garden, fences, and sheds can also get chewed up and damaged by these rodents and you will have to replace them, which can be costly and stressful.

Preventing Squirrels

The easiest way for a squirrel to enter your home is through a hole. If they see a hole or an opening they will chew through until they can get through. The best method of prevention is to search your attic for any openings that show from both sides, and closing them off by patching them. Also be sure to keep all doors and windows closed at all times. Also try to seal off all insulation and wood framing in the attic so if the squirrels do make their way in, they will not see your attic as a possible home.

If you are struggling with preventing squirrels, already have them in your home, or need to restore your property to brand new, contact us for professional help. We specialize in removing squirrels and other pesky rodents in the New York New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 917-633-0888 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

Preventing Pesky Rabbits

Rabbits are an all year round pest, and they love an urban yard to call their home. Like most animals, a rabbit spends most of its day in search of food. Their main diet consists of vegetables, flowers, tree bark and other plants found in most home gardens. This is what attracts them to urban areas and your yard specifically.

Identifying the culprit

Before hopping to the conclusion that your culprit is a rabbit you must first investigate. Twigs and stems that are eaten by rabbits appear to be cleanly cut, as opposed to the ragged tearing that other animals leave when making a meal out of your vegetation. Another clear sign that your property damage is the result of a rabbit could be tracks in the soft soil. Rabbit tracks are normally two small indents next to each other followed by another two a short distance away, showing their hopping pattern. The last and most obvious sign is if you catch the rabbit in the act, their most active times are close to the hours of dawn and dusk.

Preventing rabbits

The best, and most natural way to prevent rabbits from feasting on your prized garden is to build some kind of a barrier. Many people use chicken wire supported by fence posts, however if you are looking for a more fashionable alternative many people use wooden fences or fence panels. Some people also use repellents depending on what type of garen they have. If you are growing food to be eaten then you may want to stray from chemical alternatives.

If you are going to try and remove the rabbit by yourself be sure to wear safety gloves. Some rabbits may carry diseases such as tularemia which can be transmitted through handling a sick animal. Rabbits also have teeth and possibly catch you with a bite while struggling to escape. Be sure to leave the removal of all animals, including rabbits, to the professionals. We specialize in removing rabbits, squirrels and other pesky rodents in the New York New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 917-633-0888 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

Night Time Visitors

In residential areas nocturnal pests such as raccoons and opossums are extremely common due to the amount of shelter and food a common back or side yard can offer. However, it is fairly easy to prevent these night time bandits from becoming permanent residents on your property.
A few tips to help prevent this issue from ever occurring is to ensure the upkeep of backyard clutter and trash bins. These animals are always looking for a midnight snack, and an open garbage can gives them the opportunity to find just that. Once they know that your home is a place they can find food, it is a sure thing that these pests will return again. Second, be sure to keep your backyard clutter to a minimum. This can be prevented with storage sheds, small or large, or sealed bins pushed into a corner of the yard. A nocturnal animal will always look to find a nice secure dark spot to rest through the day before going back out at night, and a messy backyard is the perfect place to do just that. Last a great addition to any backyard is the use of sensor triggered security lights. These animals have an extreme distaste for the light, so if they are suddenly exposed and lit up in the dead of night they will most certainly become spooked and choose another location to terrorize.
We specialize in removing raccoons, opossums, and other night time pests in the New York New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 917-633-0888 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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