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“I finally sold a house I have been trying to unload for years and the only thing standing in the way was an infestation of squirrels in the attic. With that as a condition of the contract I was referred to a local wildlife contractor near the house in the Town of Brookhaven (Suffolk County). By chance while searching for his number I stumbled across NY/NJ Wildlife Removal and thought I may as well get a competitive quote. Not only did Sam beat the local dude’s price but everything was handled so professionally by Lenore and the process was seamless, painless and effortless. All I had to do was sign three documents and provide a credit card and without even being there (I live over 100 miles away) everything was handled professionally and timely. And the local dude insisted the varmints had to be murdered under state law (not true!) while Sam does everything in a humane, compassionate manner. I have several other homes and if ever I discover critters nestled in the attic, guess who I will call. Hint: NOT Ghostbusters! These guys are the best!”

Steve S.

Yorktown Heights NY

“We are so very pleased with the business relationship we share with NY-NJ Wildlife Removal. We have found their service to be dependable and friendly over the years. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our family. 911 Animal Control is available anytime I call, day or night.”

Tony G.
Monmouth, County

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal saved my roof! I called the toll free number late one evening and someone was at my house within the hour. I had initially heard scratching squeaky noises coming from my roof. NY-NJ Wildlife Removal was able to catch a Raccoon the very next day! They continuously came back for the following five days until all of the raccoons were off my property! Thanks to them my roof is fine and the raccoons were only able to inflict minimal damage. 911 Animal was also able to fix what little damage there was cost effectively and in a very timely manner, saving me from any leaks or other damages. NY-NJ Wildlife Removal is a great resource!!!”

Debra P.
Queens, New York

“When I first saw the possums in my trash i was very concerned that they were able to get into my garage and could further get into my home. The idea of wild animals in my home, around my grandchildren was very frightening to me. I called NY-NJ Wildlife Removal after talking to a neighbor, and I am so glad that I did. They were there at my earliest connivance, making sure to work around my busy schedule to come and evaluate the situation and determine a plan to best rid me of the danger. Traps were set, and in no time the first of the wild animals were being caught! They didn’t stop after just one animal was caught but came back for several days to determine and confirm that all of the possums were gone. They were able to clean up any waste the animals left behind as well. My grandchildren are once again safe to play in and around the garage and house thanks to NY-NJ Wildlife Removal.”

Rose M.
Staten Island, New York

“We want you to know how impressed we were by the service we received yesterday from two of your technicians in protecting us and our house from any more bats. From the moment they arrived, they were professional, informative and personable. We felt very confident about their work. They worked extremely hard and efficiently. Our technician was terrific – serious in his explanations, up front about the expense and the service, yet very enthusiastic and helpful. Thanks!

Agie & Rich
Manalapan, NJ

“Please accept my token of appreciation for your diligence with respect to the condition of the attic and the state of deterioration of the inside chimney from the raccoon. Your actions reflected a caring for your profession and for your clients not seen very often in this day and age.

P. Otto
Sayerville, NJ

“Wow, so happy we called you guys and decided to not go with the pest control company. The guys came on time, were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and very thorough. We thought we had two birds nests in our attic, and they found 4. They cleaned, disinfected the area, and removed the nests. They then wired the areas and vents to prevent future bird issues. Louis showed me photos of what he did in the attic and showed me the large garage bag of nest and materials he removed. VERY HAPPY!!!! Thank you!

Steven and Jennifer Scharf
Scarsdale, NY


“I wanted to thank you for your outstanding efforts in getting rid of the bird problem at our three of our warehouse locations. The birds nesting and bothering our customers and employees were a serious health and safety concern as their feces were dropping right over the main areas. It was also a nuisance to have to clean our equipment continuously. I was impressed by your innovative solution . . . It showed that there are humane solutions to these kinds of problems. Thanks again for your professionalism and prompt service.

Chris Hopewell, Manager

  • Bird Barrier Certified Installer
  • New York State Wildlife Management Association
  • NYS Trappers Association
  • National Trappers Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association - Competence, Integrity, Service
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