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Trapping and Removal

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal is proud to serve the Greater New York and New Jersey area with wildlife and pest control for rodents, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes, pigeons, and bats.  All our trappers will come to your home, office or commercial building in a discrete truck and greet you in a friendly and courteous manner. 

Our highly trained trappers use a variety of methods such as large cages to guarentee that the animal does not get injured.  We expertly use foods and certain baits, that will attract the animal into the cage safely. Through these eco friendly and humane techniques, we ensure that no injury comes to any of the animals. We don't use poisons or harmful toxins with our proven animal removal techniques. When you call NY-NJ Wildlife Removal you are bringing into your home a professional, who will successfully rid your home of annoying critters.


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