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Solar Panel Protection

Solar panels can help you save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands on your electric bill each year. But if you get an animal under them it can interfere with your solar panel energy production and the integrity of the solar panels themselves, and cost you a great deal of money to repair them.

Unfortunately, if you have solar panels, you have an undeniable risk of birds, squirrels and raccoons nesting underneath them. These animals can also damage the electrical wiring connected to the panels which can be extremely dangerous.

Animal Damage to Solar Panels

Animals can destroy panels in a number of ways. They can scratch them up, weaken the roof structure, and eat through wiring. Some animals can cause corrosion to the panels or their structures with their waste.
You can protect your solar panels with animal guards. Animal guards are special grates that are installed around your solar panels and prevent animals or their nesting materials and feces from going underneath them. This can protect the longevity of your panels by years, and protect the panels from everyday issues, including falling leaves or squirrels and birds.

Snowfall and Solar Panels

If you live in an area with a lot of snowfall in the winter, like in New York or New Jersey, your solar panels can be affected by the snow. Your solar panels can be covered up or stacked high with snow accumulations, and the buildup of snow can cause snow-slides, or avalanches down onto your property. These avalanches can be very dangerous if the snow falls over an entrance way or a driveway, where your family frequents. These avalanches can also do great damage to landscape and property.

While traditional roofing options are often course or rough, solar panels are smooth. Without the textured surface, there is less friction to keep the snow and ice stable. Snow built up on solar panels can clump together and slide off the smooth panel surface in sheets. While this helps keep your panels functioning in the snowy months, this can also cause the snow to fall off all at once; which can be very dangerous. It’s important to remember and realize that falling sheets of ice and snow can happen to any solar panel array.

Snow Guards

Snow guards are brackets added to solar panels to catch sliding snow and mitigate how quickly it falls off the roof. The guards are raised above the panels, which allows for some snow and ice runoff, while preventing catastrophic slides. Snow guards are a relatively low-cost upgrade that can last for years. They can help prevent injury and property damage.

Do Snow Guards Reduce Performance?

Snow guards stop the heavy fall of snow off of your roof. Snow guards do not reduce the performance of your panels. In truth, solar panels work very well in the winter months, and are never removed once installed. Despite snowfall and less daylight in the winter, panels can perform well in the winter because colder weather helps with electronic functions.

New York/ New Jersey Wildlife offers the installation of snow guards around all your solar panels to ensure your piece of mind. We also are experts in the installation of animal guards for the protection of your solar panels against animals taking up residence under them.

We proudly operate in the New York / New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation of your home for animal guards or snow guards please contact us or call us at 888-928-2668. We will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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