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Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bugs first invaded America’s shores with the arrival of English colonists to Jamestown, Virginia in the early 17th century.  With the exception of a brief period during the 1960’s when they were eradicated from this country, bed bug infestations have always been a major issue in America and especially New York.  Theaters, hotels, apartments, offices, restaurants and other public venues are all places where bedbugs have easily made their home.  While the discovery of a bed bug infestation can be overwhelming, there are several effective techniques that can rid your living space of these parasitic insects.

At NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, our specialists combat bed bug infestations by using one of three techniques.  While bedbugs have become resistant to a majority of chemical treatments, the formula our technicians use is of greater strength and is proven to eliminate even the nastiest of bed bug infestations.     
For those who desire non chemical methods, our specialists also offer efficient temperature treatments.  While bedbugs are attracted to and live near body heat, they are not resistant to extreme temperatures.  Our specialists have access to special machines that can emit extreme temperatures.  Depending on the safety of your home, a technician can either freeze or heat your home to the point where both bedbugs and their eggs will die.
To learn more about the specific measures of our treatments, please contact us.

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