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NY-NJ Wildlife Removal provides corporate and residential customers with a comprehensive wildlife removal solution that is humane and leaves your home or business in better condition than before you had your pest problem.

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal cost-effectively removes your wildlife problems, then repairs and protects your residence or business from possible future intrusion by repairing damage and constructing barriers to help protect you from future issues.
NY-NJ Wildlife Removal has the ability to:

  •          Remove unwanted animals
  •          Sanitize, Disinfect and Deodorize
             effected areas
  •          Diagnose all points of entry
  •          Repair damage to attics
  •          Replace damaged insulation
  •          Exterior exclusion construction

At NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, animal removal technicians take great pride in their exclusion work. They make sure that entryways are completely covered and inaccessible to unwanted guests.

In addition, NY-NJ Wildlife Removal animal removal technicians see to it that exclusions are as cosmetic as possible, tailoring shapes and colors of construction materials to match your home. We believe that the only thing that should be visible is your beautiful, pest-free home.

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