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Raccoon invasion is one of the most unsettling things as a homeowner you can experience. It is dangerous to you and your family.

Most homeowners, when faced with a raccoon invasion can be looking at very high costs to remove them, clean up after them and repair all the damage they cause.

Raccoons are extremely destructive. They can damage your roof by eating and ripping into it to make large enough holes to enter in and out through night after night. They eat through
fascia boards, soffit areas. They rip off and go through vents and fans on your roofs. They are relentless when they want to get inside your home. They will not stop until they have achieved


Once inside your attic or crawl space they like to make things comfy for themselves, so they shred and tear whatever insulation they might find into bits and pieces. They chew wiring which is extremely dangerous. They can chew at the beams and rafters that support your house.

They have the freedom of moving inside your walls and ceilings, going up and down your home behind your walls. They do this in search of food. It would not be unusual for a raccoon to eat through drywall and plaster boards and find one in your living space. They are truly violating your security and peace of mind.

As soon as a raccoon enters into a dwelling they automatically drop their feces and urine, this is done to mark their territory, and to let other animals know ‘this is my place move on”… but we all know it’s really not their place, so your goal is to get them evicted as quickly as possible.

Raccoons, once inside your home never leave on their own. They have now taken up residence inside your home, which they consider to be their home now…. They must be physically
removed and the clean-up must be correctly done to ensure no reoccurrence. Raccoon waste is considered hazardous waste. It is extremely important to get rid of this waste
as soon as the animals have been removed. Raccoon feces and urine is not only upsetting to homeowners because of the terrible smell it brings but it also carries parasites, roundworm,
ringworm and other bacterial problems that can be transmitted to pets and humans. And let us not forget that raccoons are a rabies vector species.

There is nothing positive about raccoon invasions, the only thing that can be considered a positive side to this horrendous problem is that it may be covered under your homeowner’s
policy. Most insurance companies cover clean-up and damage repair made by raccoons to your home and some insurance carriers cover everything including the actual removal of the raccoons

We at NY/NJ Wildlife Removal, are experts at working with your insurance carriers to aid homeowners in properly starting insurance claims to try to get some reimbursement towards
those high costs, if not all expenses covered to relieve you from this terrible problem.

NY/NJ Wildlife Removal, gives homeowners the knowledge and proper procedures to ensure you get the correct information over to your insurance company in order for them to approve
any claims set forth by you, the homeowner. We must also make clear that not every insurance carrier may cover such damages, due to special language written into certain policies, but NY/NJ Wildlife Removal, will inform you with the correct information, the proper procedures, and the right tools you need to present the best case possible to your insurance carrier.

Once you have determined that you might have a raccoon infestation, please call us immediately at, 888-928-2668. One of our trained staff members will discuss your situation
and review all your insurance options with you.

NY/NJ Wildlife Removal, walks with you every step of the way…starting with the inspection to determine the magnitude of the situation, to the opening up of a claim with your carrier, to
meeting with any adjusters on site to discuss the problem on your behalf, to negotiating your settlement for you to insure that you receive as much, if not all the funds needed to pay for this work, to the completion of the removal of all animals, the clean-up process and the repair to your home so this will never happen again. And don’t forget all our work is GUARANTEED.

We have helped hundreds, if not thousands of homeowners in the past secure the funds they needed to take care of raccoon invasion, clean up and repair.

NY/NJ Wildlife Removal is a one-stop-shop. It’s the only company you will ever need to take care of all your problems and issues with raccoon invasions.

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