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Rodent invaders are one of the most common and unwanted house guests in the world. Because mice produce large litters in a short period of time, an infestation can become big trouble for any home, school or business owner. They usually finding shelter within sheds, garages,basements and throughout the main living quarters of a home.

Mice will damage many things by chewing through them. They can destroy insulation, electrical wires, plaster board walls, woodwork, etc. just to name a few. Indoors, their urine and feces can stain and contaminate pantries, food and dishes and their incessant gnawing can ruin bagged foods, scar furniture and spill pet foods.

By utilizing various research studies on mice behavior, our specialists use effective methods to remove mice and exclude them in order to avoid future infestations.
NY-NJ Wildlife Removal technicians will examine your entire home looking for all points of entry. We believe it is important to seal all holes, raise all food and food products up off floors, clean-up any garbage and debris, discard all trash and store food in air tight containers. If you want to get rid of your mice problem then this should be your mantra for mouse prevention.

Our trained technicians will also examine utility entrances and attic vents and repair with metal flashing or heavy mesh if necessary.  Raising woodpiles off the ground and moving them away from the house at least six feet is another way to prevent mice.  Do not allow leaf and yard debris to pile up. Keep weeds and brush cutback from the home's foundation. Recycle all clutter that could make a nice mouse haven, especially straw and paper. Store pet food, indoors or out, in metal or hard plastic containers that resist gnawing. Stop feeding the birds and squirrels as mice will scavenge the spilled seeds and see them as an invitation to come inside for a buffet.

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal technicians will recommend the safest and most efficient way to get rid of mice in your home or office. We use the most advanced methods that are proven to drive them away and remove the nests, if they had already settled inside your dwelling.

Our technicians are trained to track mice, which is the best method to use to find out where the mice enter into your dwelling and where they are staying while invading your life. Once you've identified their entry points, blocking and patch the holes permanently, will finalize the return of all rodents.

For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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