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Chipmunks: Don’t Be Blinded By Cuteness

bigstock-Time-For-A-Snack-19951400 (1)Chipmunks may look cute, but they can destroy your home. These little rodents can dig and damage the structural integrity of homes, sheds, pools, stairs, or decks. They have been known to dig up flower bulbs, damage gardens, steal pet food, and empty bird feeders.


Chipmunks are usually between 3-6 inches long. These dirty rodents only weigh a few ounces. Chipmunks are usually reddish brown in color with 3 to 5 colored stripes running from the face to the tail. These stripes may be various shades of brown, black, grey, white, or red. Chipmunks mate twice a year, in the spring and fall, with litters of 2 to 7 offspring.


Even though they are generally ground-dwelling creatures, chipmunks will climb trees for food. They can even climb to bird feeders and pour out seeds. A chipmunk’s diet usually consists of berries, nuts, grains, seeds, insects, mushrooms, and other items they may find when scavenging, such as garden plants or dropped food.


Chipmunks dig under structures to create homes for themselves. This can make them uneven and ill-supported, which can lead to a multitude of expensive repairs. stop them before they do too much damage. Contact us for a free inspection and evaluation.


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