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Welcome to NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, your first step to the effective and humane removal of wildlife within your home or office.

Vast woodlands and forests contribute to the lush and serene atmosphere of Staten Island, New Jersey, and the greater New York City area; however, while living near green-space has its obvious benefits, a home near nature is also a vulnerable target for pests and creatures who find shelter within residential or commercial structures. Chimneys, roof junctions, soffits, basements, decks and attics all make excellent habitats for unwanted woodland intruders who often carry the risk of infecting loved ones with a handful of diseases including ringworm, rabies and Lyme disease. If an animal like a raccoon, opossum or squirrel is seen stumbling around during the day, there’s a good chance it’s sick. Don’t go near, or touch the animal. Retreat to a safe distance and call us immediately! Even if the animal is already dead, call a professional to care for the removal in the safest way possible.

At NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, we use effective methods to eliminate infestations while taking more humane approaches toward the removal of wild animals. WE SPECIALIZE IN RACCOON REMOVAL as well as removal of all unwanted animals. In addition to the quality of our service, our post removal restoration techniques are what surmounts our services from other wildlife control providers. After eradicating your home of nature’s uninvited, our licensed and insured experts will sanitize and repair the infected and damaged areas. This means: if the eves of your roof are damaged by pests, we will refurbish the structure. In the case of a raccoon, squirrel or any other invasive animal nesting, our professionals will replace insulation or other structural necessities that were destroyed during the infestation.


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